How to keep baby socks on? We have the answer!

It's so annoying when baby pulls their socks off... all the time! How to keep baby socks on? Well we've found a great little solution.

What are sock ons?

Put simply, they make sure your babies socks stay on. Designed by a parent battling mummy troubles of lost socks the clever design slides over the top of your little ones socks to give you baby socks that stay on!

The hole in the heel means that no matter how much they wriggle and pull, the sock material gathers in the heel and will not come off. Genius!

They are made from  nylon and so only add a thin layer onto babies feet making them comfortable and breathable for little feet.

Available in a range of bright and bold colours too to compliment your drawers full of cute baby socks!

Why will you love them? 

We fell in love with sock ons after heading to our local baby sensory group one morning. After struggling to put shoes on Jonah before heading out knowing that if I didn't we would lose our socks to the ball pit I was pleasantly surprised to see little ones there crawling around with these little additions to their feet.

After asking mums about them they revealed they were 'sock ons' and literally did just that. They proved so useful in this environment, where it is a chance to be free, explore and encourage movement in comfortable cosy surroundings.

From a mums point of view it is one cost of £3.99 for many pennies saved through lost socks not to mention odd socks shame!

Lets hear from another mum who has made use of 'Sock ons'

'Sock ons' are brilliant for keeping socks on little feet, even when they discover their toes! Also saves you a fortune in buying new socks! There are loads of different colours and they're easy to wash. I'll be using them again with no.2!'

Take a look at our sock ons and buy for yourself here

For more information and to check out other products available head to

Emma Beardmore

Emma Beardmore is the founder and owner of Just Jonah. Wife to Lewis and mother of Jonah, Emma's passion is all things kids, and she loves nothing more than family time.

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