Toby Tiger

Loving Organic Since 1998

We are really pleased that Just-Jonah is now stocking bright, colourful, vibrant, funky and cool organic cotton clothing from Toby Tiger.

Toby Tiger Logo - Loving Organic Since 1998

Toby Tiger have been leading the way in colourful, ethical and organic childrenswear since it was founded over 20 years ago by best-selling author and knitwear designer Zoe Mellor.

Our organic clothes are instantly recognisable: whether it’s our signature stripes or soft, fun character appliques that tell a story for curious little imaginations, they’re bound to raise a smile on faces of kids and grown-ups everywhere. From baby bodies, dribble bibs and knot hats to sleepsuits, dungarees and party dresses, every design is mindful of practicality and comfort. Whether it’s colourful easy poppers, adjustable shoulder straps or super soft reversible fabric, they’ll keep little ones happy and be your go-to outfits again and again.

Organic Panda Hoodie

Help save the planet, go organic!

Shopping with Toby Tiger means you’re supporting ethical working and doing your bit to protect the planet – whilst letting kids be kids in super fun, vibrant clothing. We hope you love the range and that your kids love it even more. If you have any questions, drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.

Save the planet, go organic

So what’s all the fuss about organic cotton?

Put simply, it’s better for our kids, our workers and our planet – and here’s why:

  • It’s naturally soft. There’s a reason why organic cotton is so soft. It waves bye bye to all the harsh chemicals and dyes used to process bog-standard cotton, which breaks down fibres and damages the fabric.
  • Safe and sound. Organic cotton producers and clothes manufacturers aren’t exposed to harsh chemicals and dyes, making it far safer for them (phew!) – plus it’s miles better for the environment. Only natural pest control methods are used which helps to keeps the soil fertile, water clean and our air unpolluted.
  • It’s super kind to skin. Organic cotton is lovely and super soft on even the most delicate skin, thanks to the ban on nasty chemicals. That means it’s perfect for babies and kids – and less likely to trigger any allergies and skin conditions like eczema.
  • You can love your clothes for longer. Because organic clothes haven’t been messed about with like standard clothes, they’ll last much longer and wash really well – even at 30 degrees – so they can be worn again and again. Then, when your little one goes up a size, simply pass on to friends or down for generations!

Multi Rainbow Applique Dress
Multi Rainbow Applique Dress

We go the extra organic mile

Toby Tiger clothes are also GOTS-certified which is a badge of honour for us. In a nutshell, it means we – and you – can be super sure that our lovely cotton suppliers and clothes makers follow only the best methods for organic, social and ethical standards.

Factories are checked to make sure workers have a safe and clean environment and paid a fair, living wage. The factories also need to show how much water and energy they use to make their cotton, while GOTS puts targets and practices into place to help lessen the load.

All in all, happy workers make our happy clothes, which makes the environment much happier too. This puts a smile on our faces and, of course, the little ones wearing them!  

Organic Rainbow Print Sleepsuit
Organic Rainbow Print Sleepsuit

Organic Green-Purple Butterfly Print
Organic Green-Purple Butterfly Print

Available at our Fowey shop

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