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A view from the Bodinnick ferry car park, a very short walk from the Station Road car park on the way into town
View from the Bodinnick ferry car park - Fowey

Hello and welcome to our NEW SHOP located in the beautiful seaside town of Fowey in Cornwall

Well we did it. and why not . With our very excellent friends from Love Cork we have taken over the shop located on Station Road in Fowey. It's opposite the Bodinnick ferry car park [if you are coming from the Polruan side of the river or a short walk from the Station road car park if you are coming from the St Austell side of town]

One of our new models with Foxy legging and top from Blade&Rose

The view from front of the shop - come on over and say hello
Our other fashionable model with a nice Kite ensemble
All your favourite brands in one very lovely place
Lots of accessories including these STEPONS from SockOns
These StepOns are so Cute....
Comy Organic Cotton Leggings from Kite
Dungarees from Piccalilly

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