Bit of News

Weve been a bit quite, then quite busy....

Hello everyone

A very belated Happy New Year to one and all. We are sorry that we have been a bit quite of late. We now have a little bit of news we'd like to share.

We are now located at the world famous Par Market nr St Austell. The market is open 9am-5pm Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. If your'e in Cornwall and in the St Austell area then pop along to the market. Ample parking, large food hall catering to all tastes and all stalls are under cover.

Got some little ones with you? next to the market is Kidzworld open during the school term Wednesday to Sunday and during local school holidays 7 days a week.

Remember, all your favourite organic brands at affordable prices

Well let you know of any upcoming deals, offers, promo codes and what have you through Facebook and Instagram

Thanks for stopping by


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