What should I dress my toddler in for nursery? - Back to Nursery essentials

Back to Nursery for Autumn fun... here are the essentials that we pack

Well, after such a long, hot and sticky Summer together, Jonah headed back to Nursery this week. What a difference a week makes...

Last week we landed back in Birmingham from scorching Tenerife! Unpacked the suncream, swim shorts and sunglasses and kept them to hand preparing for the glorious weather we had left behind.

'The hottest summer for England since records began in 1910' Wow!

Sadly not, the Autumn chill had arrived, my dressing gown was back out and Jonahs socks were back on! That week then, as Jonahs first days back loomed I was reminded of his very first days the year before. I had agonised over choosing the right Nursery and after finding that I agonised over the packing. If i wasn't there with him I wanted to make sure he had all the right things to get him through the day comfortably and happy!

We learned a few tips and trick in our first term at Nursery and so here are our must haves to pack in your little ones rucksack..

1) Waterproof everything! As far as humanly possibly anyway..

Puddle pack jacket by Kite - Half price now @Just Jonah at just £12.00

With Nurseries encouraging outdoor play in all weather we found it wise to pack Jonah off with a waterproof. We also get told he loves the water play! Jonah keeps his waterproof in Nursery most the year round because like the one above, it is a thin water proof layer, easy to roll and pack into his rucksack and can go over a t-shirt or jumper for water play or splashing in puddles and listening to the rain.

Check them out now @Just Jonah in our Summer Sale

2) Yes, you guessed it, more waterproofs!

Waterproof Dungarees from Lidl £5.99

Jonah's Nursery Diary

'Changed trousers as Jonah had slid down the wet slide'

'Changed trousers after Jonah crawled around the playground'

'Changed trousers after Jonah explored the water play'

'Changed trousers after Jonah enjoyed his time in the mud kitchen'

'Could we have more spare trousers please?'

During our usual Sunday food shop at Lidl we spotted a pair of the dungarees above and at just £5.99 we thought they were worth a try to keep Jonah dry and comfortable and the Nursery staff sane. I popped them on his peg that week waited for the diary. Hurrah! It turns out Nursery loved them. They were easy to slide on over his trousers, the elastic bottoms kept them inside his wellies and after all of his messy play he was still dry and clean! We certainly get through less trousers now. I then invested in another pair for our weekend adventures at home.

Check them out here

3) A good pair of wellies!

They go hand in hand really. A good pair of wellies are an absolute must this time of year. There is no use worrying about the puddles. After Peppa pig, no puddle is safe! We have come to the conclusion it is better to wrap them up and let them get on with it! Jonahs nursery have a forest, a mud kitchen, water play and play ground and quite rightly encourage children to explore and be messy. We love this too! So does Jonah!

Wellies by Jo Jo Maman Bebe £16.00

We personally love these wellies. They are designed to last, soft and flexible, great for first walkers. Jonah is really comfortable in his and often asks for his 'boots' now. This fox design is really on trend this Autumn too.

We have a whole range of clothing with Fox and woodland creature designs, that would pair up perfectly.

Our final tip is not to send your little one in their finest organic clothing. Invest in preloved organic 'play wear' type it your face book market place to get your hands on a stash of comfy clothes your little one can get messy in. I learned this the hard way. Beetroot! Need I say anymore?

Emma Beardmore

Emma Beardmore is the founder and owner of Just Jonah. Wife to Lewis and mother of Jonah, Emma's passion is all things kids, and she loves nothing more than family time.

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