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Knitted Grey Diplodocus Toy with Comfort Blanket

Knitted Grey Diplodocus

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Beautiful knitted dinosaurs and elephants, ethically sourced organic materials
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Best Years

Knitted Grey Diplodocus Toy with Comfort Blanket

Best Years

Our newest knitted dinosaur soft toy is this gorgeous seated grey diplodocus baby toy holding a soft blanket with dinosaur footprints. The sweet diplodocus is perfect for cuddling up to and the white blanket is smooth and soothing for babies to touch and keep close by for comfort. Perfect as a newborn baby comforter, this dinosaur soft toy is suitable from birth and machine washable. This would make an ideal newborn baby gift.
Comforting, cuddly and friendly, this baby dinosaur toy makes the perfect companion for your little one.
Approximate dimensions: Height 15cm
Length from tail to foot 16cm, width 7cm
Blanket size across from corner to corner 28cm
Please note that dimensions are given as a guide only and there may be some variation.
Acrylic. Ethically sourced.

Tested to EN71 and CE

Dinosaur is made from 100% organic cotton, blanket is made from acrylic.

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