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coconut bowl set

Natural coconut bowls set

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Jungle Straws

coconut bowl set

Jungle Straws

Jungle Culture: Patterned Coconut Bowl Set. Includes 2 x Hand Carved Coconut Bowls, 2 x Coconut WoodSpoons, 1 x Jungle Straw, 1 x Coconut Fibre Cleaning Brush & 1 x Natural Jute Carry Pouch


ZERO WASTE SET: Our sets include 2 hand carved natural coconut bowls, 2 coconut wood spoons, 1 Jungle Straw, 1 coconut fibre straw cleaning brush and 1 natural jute straw pouch. The complete natural set. Every item in this set is handmade and 100% natural and organic. Our coconut bowls are protected using coconut oil so they stay looking great for longer.

FOUR UNIQUE PATTERNS: Jungle Culture Coconut Bowls come in 4 unique styles. Our boho bowls are etched by local craftsmen in the Ben Tre region of Vietnam which is famed for it’s coconuts. Each bowl is hand picked from the thickest and highest quality coconuts.

FOOD GRADE CERTIFIED: Unlike many other companies, Jungle Culture is a British brand and all of our products are certified food safe according to EU & UK law. We use only natural coconut oil to protect our bowls, no chemicals and no pesticides when growing the coconuts.

PLASTIC-FREE PACKAGING: Our natural coconut bowl sets come packaged in a printed gift box made from recycled cardboard. Our bowls are wrapped in paper to protect them and we include an information card that tells you all about where your product came from!

Unique Products, Unique Stories:

Jungle Culture proudly works with small family-run farms and craft workshops in Vietnam to bring you products that are 100% unique and special.

Our coconut bowls are made using reclaimed coconuts that would otherwise be burned after harvest. They help to provide a well needed second income for some of Vietnam's most impoverished communities.

100% Natural Product:

Coconut Bowls by Jungle Culture are 100%organic, natural, biodegradable, sustainably produced, vegan & compostable.
No chemicals or pesticides are used in the production of our bowls.

Care & Usage

Coconut Bowls are a natural product and need love and care. Please do not put your bowls in the dishwasher. Your Jungle Straw can be put in the dishwasher or cleaned with the coconut fibre brush provided.

Sustainable Gift Set

Coconut Bowls are the perfect eco-friendly gift for him or her. Our set is packaged with care to create a memorable sustainable present for anyone who receives it.

2 x Patterned Coconut Bowls
2 x Coconut Spoons
1 x Jungle Straw
1 x Coconut Cleaning Brush
1 x Natural Jute Pouch
1 x Info Card

Please Note: Your Coconut Bowls are completely natural and may vary slightly in size, colour and shape

Bowl Design A - Leaf
Bowl Design D - Geometric
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