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bamboo straws

6 Pack Travel Set

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Reusable bamboo straws and earth-friendly products
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Jungle Straws

bamboo straws

Jungle Straws

Jungle Straws - Reusable bamboo straw set


REUSABLE BAMBOO STRAWS : Individually hand crafted and harvested by local artisans at a family-run farm in rural Vietnam, each bamboo straw is 100%organic. Jungle Straws are a perfect zero waste alternative to plastic straws and can be washed and reused many times over. Our entire process is safe,sustainable and completely non-toxic.

NATURAL & ECO-FRIENDLY : This beautiful set of bamboo drinking straws is a stylish way to show off your green credentials. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, so naturally our bamboo straws are strong,durable, and completely odourless, made without the need for any harmful pesticides or chemicals.

MIXED SIZES: Each pack of Jungle Straws contains 6 beautifully hand made organic bamboo straws that have been divided equally into two different widths.We've included extra wide reusable straws for smoothies, milkshakes and thicker drinks, and thin straws better suited to juice, soda, and cocktails. We use natural food-grade bamboo that is completely tasteless, meaning our biodegradable straws are perfect for the entire family.

STRAW STORAGE POUCH : We want you to use your natural bamboo straws at home, AND outside of the house. To promote more environmentally conscious habits, our eco-friendly straws arrive neatly packaged with a cleaning brush,and include a stylish straw holder which comes in a variety of different colours. Being a zero waste company, all of our packaging is plastic free &100% recyclable.

Why Jungle Straws?

We are an independent British company driven to help end the damage that single-use plastic causes to our environment. Our values in eco-sustainability ensure that our reusable bamboo straws are not only beautifully handmade, but are also ethically sourced at a single family-run farm in rural Vietnam, where we have personally overseen the entire manufacturing process

Our eco friendly bamboo drinking straws are 100%organic & BPA free. No chemicals or pesticides are used throughout the entire production process

Care & Usage

Jungle Straws are a sustainable alternative to plastic and appeal to the whole family;whether you're looking for a reusable bamboo straw for kids, smoothie straws for the home, or cocktail straws for your bar or business, our biodegradablestraws are the perfect solution to kick-start your plastic-free lifestyle

Our washable eco straws include a cleaning brush and are dishwasher safe; they are strong, durable & can be reused again& again. Jungle Straws are fully compostable and can be easily recycled.

Limited Edition Single Straw Case

We want people to think responsibly, which is why we designed the Jungle Pouch! This stylish jute bag holds two eco bamboo straws so that you can slip it in your pocket, purse or bag and never forget to take it out with you again

We have made the Jungle Pouch in 6 beautiful colours (Charcoal, Ash, Vanilla, Wheat, Sage & Aqua) - They are handmade,organic and biodegradable - The perfect gift for friends and family.

175 billion straws are thrown away every year! Act now and help save our oceans


6 x Reusable Straws
1 x Coloured Jute Carry Bag
1 x Care Guide
1 x Cleaning Brush
Eco Kraft Box

We include mixed sized natural straws in each set.
Individually crafted by nature - Colours may vary slightly | Please clean thoroughly

Jungle straws made from eco friendly, sustainable Bamboo
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