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Thank you for supporting a small business

You recently purchased something in the Fowey shop and inside your shopping bag was a little package containing:

- A leaflet
- A small package with a sticker on it and some little tiny feet which have been cut from recycled seed paper.

First Off - The Sticker

On the sticker you will find a code which will give you 10% off your next online purchase. Just stick it in at the checkout. The code is valid till Dec 31st 2021. Or, bring it back in store the next time you are in and use it then.

Secondly - The Little Feet

These little feet are cut from mixed flower seed paper.

The paper is recycled and contains a mix of flower seeds [lucky dip]

Here are the instructions for how to plant them.

1. The seed paper will keep for a few years but the optimum time for planting is March-June.
2. Place the little feet on top of a pot of compost
3. Cover with a thin layer of compost
4. Water Well
5. Place somewhere warm and light to germinate. DO NOT let the paper dry out.

Once you have the seedlings of a decent size then transfer to a bigger pot. [either as clumps or individual plants] and Grow On.

You can transfer them into the garden if you wish, or patio post during spring or summer.

Following the instruction above should ensure success, but please bear in mind that seeds are living things and so can be bit finicky and wont always perform as one would wish.

Happy Growing and thank you for #supportingasmallbusiness #shoplocal

Now follow this link to go shopping