About us

Welcome, hello and dynnargh dhis

Thank you for visiting Just Jonah or Hirneth heb dha weles as they say in Cornwall.

Just Jonah has now relocated to the sunny South West of Britain

What is our Aim?

Nothings changed our aim is still to bring together the brands we loved, that inspired, that supported, that cared, that solved and conquered, to you, in one place.

Why shop with ‘Just Jonah’?

By bringing together the very best for you we save you time clicking between websites, travelling between stores and give you this time back with baby. We know how precious this time is. It also saves on delivery costs with one charge, putting pennies back in your pocket. In a world of fast paced competition, bulging shop shelves and in your face advertising we have slowed down to select brands we value, relate to, respect and that are making a difference.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Dress me, Teethe me, Feed me, Comfort me, Change me.All in one place.

Its still JUST that simple!

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