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About Just Jonah

hello and dynnargh dhis

About Just Jonah

Hello and Dynnargh Dhis [that's Welcome in Cornish]

Thank you for visiting Cornwall's premier outlet for organic clothing and accessories for kids. From Birth to age 6-8.
We do have items for older children, up to age 10, and some complementary adult sized clothing such as hoodies, ponchos and snoods. We stock from your favourite brands such as Cornwall's very own Frugi. Popular brands Kite, Piccalilly, Toby Tiger, Blade and Rose and more.

Stay in touch with us to find out what's going on with the shop, and of course any promotions or updates on clothing lines, toys, games

Facebook or Instagram its just @justjonahltd

Why shop with ‘Just Jonah’

We have more space - more space to showcase beautiful organic clothing for children

Selected accessories for feeding such as bamboo suction plates, coconut bowls, bamboo drinking straws. Teething accessories from YummiKeys and more. We pretty much have an accessory for most things :-)

What's exciting is we have lots of space for our ever increasing range of toys, games, puzzles from the very excellent, and amazing Djeco Toys.

Toys for children of all ages

Why don't you come and visit us. #36 Fore Street, Fowey, PL31 2AQ

We hope to welcome you in to our store one day, pop in and say hello....

When Visiting This Part Of Cornwall



Chat with us

Need a hand? Need to find out if an item is available? need help with directions for the shop?
please get in touch and chat with us

Contact us

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