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Little Green Radicals

Organic fashion for free range kids

Rainbow Moose Dungarees

Little Green Radicals

In the beginning…

London based Little green Radicals started life in 2005 with a passion for fair trade and a quirky sense of humour. While doing one of the many cold wet market days selling organic and Fairtrade t-shirts, our founder, Nick, came up with six humorous slogans for kids t-shirts including ‘Stop the Wailing‘ and ‘Wind Farm.’

Not long after our launch Little Green Radicals was in a select group of brands to be first in the UK to get Fairtrade certification for cotton. And, of course, we were and always have been organic too.

Our farmers, based in India, get a guaranteed price for their cotton, and they don’t use nasty pesticides. The factories we work with look after their employees, who get fair wages, maternity leave, and many of the other things you would expect from decent factories. But, of course, you have to get everything to work, and that’s where Bonnie, our production co-ordinator and longest serving employee, came in (Thanks Bonnie.)

A few years and some very cold warehouses on (some people call them offices), and once the slogan ideas had culminated in the fish collection (the consequence of 3 days sanding the floor in the lounge. It included the slightly edgy ‘Never Mind the Pollocks’), Nick decided it was time to get a full time designer, and along came Josie. The range and the world soon looked very different.

Instead of just asking ‘how’, people started exclaiming ‘wow.’ With a good dollop of help from Jan, our sales director, suddenly we had hundreds of stockists all over the world, started to win awards and then we added organic skincare too.

And the plans don’t stop there. The belief has never dimmed and the mission to make beautiful things the right way still makes us want to jump the hurdles to come.

The End


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